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iPhone Retro Cassette Cover Includes A Clear Plastic Case That Doubles As A Stand

iPhone Retro Cassette Cover (Images courtesy thumbsUp!)
By Andrew Liszewski

If there’s anywhere you need your product to stand out if it even has a chance of being successful, it’s the wildly overcrowded iPod/iPhone case market. They’re literally available everywhere in an almost infinite variety of designs and colors, but somehow this Retro Cassette Cover available from thumbsUp! looks remarkably unique. Well I mean the design itself isn’t that original, but the execution is spot on.

It’s basically a boxy case for your iPhone designed to look like a cassette tape, which it does, remarkably well. But the makers have gone the extra mile, well maybe just a few extra hundred feet, and have included a clear plastic cassette tape case which doubles as a display stand. Retroriffic! As for pricing? Dunno. You have to be a registered wholesaler first, but I’m going to assume you can get the price down if you’re willing to shell out for 10,000 or so of them.

P.S. I guess we should declare this cassette tape Tuesday?

[ iPhone Retro Cassette Cover ] VIA [ Nerd Approved ]

  • Robert Hunter

    Er… maybe I'm missing something, but what's up with the CD logo? O.o

  • laosaaaa

    yes I du

  • Used Plastic Pallet

    I wanna find more info about this, anybody could?