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Front & Back Clock Is Powered By 2 AA Batteries, And Isn’t Ashamed Of It

Front & Back Clock (Image courtesy today and tomorrow)
By Andrew Liszewski

No, it’s not powered by the sun, or wind, or water or even urine. The Front & Back clock, created by the The Wrong Objects, is powered by a good ol’ set of AA’s and is so proud of it that it uses the batteries as the hands on the clock face. So if there ever was a device in your home to save the brand-name Duracell or Energizer batteries for, this clock would be it. Unless, like the clock, you’re not embarrassed to put a set of Rayovacs in there. The Front & Back concept was recently spotted at the 2010 DMY International Design Festival in Berlin, though I’m unsure if it will ever be available for sale.

[ The Wrong Objects – Front & Back Clock ] VIA [ today and tomorrow ]

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