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Dyson Releases Two New Air Multiplier Fans – If At First They Don’t Sell, Try, Try Again

Dyson Releases Two New Air Multiplier Fans – If At First They Don’t Sell, Try, Try Again

Dyson AM02 & AM03 Air Multiplier Fans (Image courtesy Dyson)
By Andrew Liszewski

Ok, I don’t really have any idea how well Dyson’s original Air Multiplier fan sold, but I’m assuming there aren’t a lot of people willing to drop $300 on a fan, no matter how slick and innovative it is, when for the same amount of money can get you a full-on AC unit. And if my assumption is correct, creating a larger, more expensive version, probably isn’t going to boost sales. But that’s exactly what Dyson has done with the oval AM02 Tower Fan, and the AM03 Pedestal Fan. They both use the exact same technology as the original AM01 model, but are basically larger, and come with a larger $449.99 price tag too.

[ Dyson Air Multiplier Fans ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

  • Franco1975

    I want this so badly but Ill wait for the knock off version.

  • Medowo

    Like they would bother to release 2 new versions if it wasn't profitable. I had to wait ages to get my blue dyson fan when it first came out because all shops in my area were sold out. Worth the wait but now I wish I waited longer for the tower one.

  • vinnycthatwhoibe

    Could they somehow use this technology in helicopters?

  • laosaaaa

    Yes, I love this product, I want to buy it.

  • stevep63

    My brain hurts when I think of this price tag. Holy cow!!! I'm with Franco….I'll wait for the cheaper (and saner) knockoffs to arrive. That said, I've heard from very, very happy Dyson vacuum owners that said their quality is top notch. Don't doubt that, but aren't these just FANS for crying out loud?

  • stevep63

    No could do. Heli blades create lift, as opposed to pushing air down. Heli blades are wings, so they pull up. So I don't think these would work on aircraft. Would be neat though!