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Mini Trumble Dryer Can Handle 3 Socks Or 2 Washcloths Or 1/6th A Pair Of Jeans

Mini Tumble Dryer (Image courtesy Buy as you fly)
By Andrew Liszewski

I understand the convenience of having an en suite washer and dryer, but is this Mini Tumble Dryer really a worthwhile compromise? Designed for those with extremely limited space, the dryer’s only 20x8x5 inches in size according to Buy as you fly, and has a capacity of just 2lbs! So it might come in handy if you’ve got half a towel to dry, or like to re-use Kleenex’s, but not if they’re wet. Most surprisingly though is the dryer’s $149 (£99.99) price tag, though I guess since it doesn’t come with any ventilation hookups, buying one is like getting a room humidifier for free!

[ Mini Tumble Dryer ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]