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Win A CoolIT ECO Advanced Liquid Cooling System!

By Chris Scott Barr

Back in April we brought you a review of the CoolIT ECO Advanced Liquid Cooling system. It’s a great solution for those wanting to dive into liquid cooling for the first time. It cools your CPU, keeps your system quiet, and doesn’t break the bank. However, this week it’s going to get even cheaper for one of our lucky readers. How cheap you ask? Free.

That’s right, it’s time for another one of our giveaways! Just pop a comment below and I’ll choose one at random next Friday. As with most of our contests, this one is only open to those in the US. Good luck!

[ CoolIT ]


79 responses to “Win A CoolIT ECO Advanced Liquid Cooling System!”

  1. chilepepper says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    I almost bought a similar item just yesterday, but decided not to…

  3. jomateix says:

    I want it!!!

  4. TongBlack says:

    Thanks so much for all your great reviews and other posts!

  5. relawson says:

    that's one sexy mix of conduction and convection!

  6. ashley_bo_bashley says:

    OOooo!! I need this. I've been meaning to update my desktop forever….

  7. Nice! Seems like this would be an interesting solution for my SFF case.

  8. travm222 says:

    Yes, please.

  9. CortJstr says:

    My system is so loud

  10. macayn says:

    I never got mine last year…

  11. rash773 says:

    Sweet – if I install this on my spleen will I stop sweating this summer?

  12. marechek33 says:

    This would go awesome in the new rig i will be building

  13. Anonymous says:

    This beats the heck out of a vat of cooking oil!

  14. Reiko says:

    I was really interested in the review of this cooling system. I plan on building a computer in the near future so hopefully I can get my hands on one =)

  15. goodsammy says:

    I want to use it on my desktop.

  16. Joseph Hsu says:

    REally Want this in my recording rig :p

  17. Mash_of_DNA says:

    I live in Florida, I overheat enough, I don't need my computer following suit. GIMMIE!

  18. Oren says:

    California summers+quad core+rendering chores= I need this please!

  19. VadimR4 says:

    ooh… pick me. pick me.

  20. joeythenifty says:


  21. Mikey J. says:

    Pick Me Pick Me!!!!

  22. perfectfire says:

    If you pick me I will win a liquid cooling system!

  23. AK210 says:

    I'll take it!

  24. solaceinrage says:

    Have a new Nzxt Hades case on the way to start my new computer build, this is one of the options I've looked at for extra cooling. The huge stock fans provide great airflow, but I'm worried my Graphics cards and new processor will be more than air circulation alone could handle.

  25. opTrin_46 says:

    Very cool!

  26. bbxl says:

    This would be perfect, my current fan is getting on my nerves.

  27. msisaac says:

    Sweet fancy Moses! I love these CoolIT things. I was just looking at getting one, too.

  28. Aaron Martin says:

    I was going to use my refrigerator but this is good too. it's always nice to have more space for food.

  29. Zellykins says:

    Gah! I so need this!

  30. patinahelix says:


  31. akjack says:

    Liquid cooling, good, overheating, bad

  32. SlimDan622 says:

    liquid cooling = awesome

  33. Austinkir says:

    Diarrhea is hereditary; it runs in your genes.

  34. mdc4115 says:

    mmmmmm, liquid cooling

  35. Das says:

    You give to me! I giev SOJ for it

  36. widdlecat says:

    The CoolIt ECO is a nice improvement over their Domino, however, they should try using a denser radiator for cooling more effectively. In spite of this, I'd gladly accept a free ECO system!

  37. p51d007 says:

    I had a corsair hydrocool 300 on my old P4 HT for 5 years and it worked PERFECTLY.
    Just had to add an ounce or two to it once in a while. Never dripped, never gave a bit of
    problem. My new quad 64 bit would be a good place to put a new water cooler.
    I'm a big believer that my old computer, which ran 24/7, ran as well as it did because
    of the water cooling keeping the CPU at a constant or close to stable temperature no matter if it was on a no load or full load condition.

  38. This would give me the incentive to build the dream machine I've been wanting!

  39. bobjohnbob says:

    I could use one of these πŸ™‚ My PC could stand to be a bit quieter.

  40. This would be good for all of us over-clockers. Keep your CPU's safe!

  41. This would go nice on my computer πŸ™‚

  42. Rich Watson says:

    Could definitely put use to this due to over clocking. Good luck to everyone!

  43. josh says:

    I need something like this so badly, tired of keeping a box fan on my PC when gaming lol

  44. StratMan9000 says:

    Free sounds like a good way not to break the bank πŸ˜€

  45. James says:

    Seems to be a good entry level solution

  46. Rob Root says:

    What's beeter than free stuff? Liquid cooled free stuff!!!! I sooo need this in a bad way, the main fan in mys system died over the weekend.

  47. sario27 says:

    This would be neat to have I've always been interested in trying a new cooling system.

  48. This sure would be a GREAT belated Father's Day present… hint, hint…

  49. Klingbeil says:

    i've always wanted to try liquid cooling

  50. jasonbisterfeldt says:

    Me? Thanks!

  51. Chris Ice says:

    **raises hand frantically**

  52. Looks “Cool” πŸ™‚

  53. Nick says:

    I would give it a good test. . .

  54. theermine says:

    I had a bad experience with an older A.L.C unit, hose broke and blasted the liquid all over my video card and power supply that were below it.

    Lucked out though, nothing blew up thanks to me smelling the antifreeze smell and shutting down in a hurry.

    Love to try this one out to see if they've done a better job on em.

  55. I have the domino cooler and would love the upgrade.

  56. darksun20 says:

    I'm in, would love to try out a liquid cooling system!

  57. Real1ty says:

    I have been all air but am looking to get into some overclocking and liquid cooling

  58. Guest says:

    I've had a wonderful experience with my cooling CoolIT Freezone Elite!! Therefore no hesitation in purchasing any of the new coolers that are brought to market now!! Probably in a few months to acquire a pair of Omni CoolIT coolers for my graphics card and so I have the total solution pra sure to remove heat from fully overclock my pc!! Thanks CoolIT

  59. Guest says:

    I've had a wonderful experience with my cooling CoolIT Freezone Elite!! Therefore no hesitation in purchasing any of the new coolers that are brought to market now!! Probably in a few months to acquire a pair of Omni CoolIT coolers for my graphics card and so I have the total solution pra sure to remove heat from fully overclock my pc!! Thanks CoolIT

  60. chris romero says:

    Can't argue with a company that gives decent customer service. That is what will make or break the ECO A.L.C. product. So I think they have a winner.

  61. robbie777 says:

    I think that a product that is at the technological forefront in terms of excellently built liquid cooling system as a genuine compact liquid-cooling ready for use and installed by anyone with minimal maintenance-free knowledge, the result is a winning product “The new liquid-Cooling line of Coolit

  62. I have been researching for months on liquid cooling units. The coolit eco cooler is by far the most interesting and also technological cpu cooler to date and i love that they even offer a 240mm version (hahaha so many fans so much to do) All thats just left is for me to win one lol!!!!!

  63. Bigbobjoylove says:

    SuperFly GizMo cant wait for a Spin , i havent used liquid cooling for long but i did start with cool it systems and was really happy with there customer service so no complaints
    all good keep up the good work guy's

  64. Stonegod says:

    Hi Giz,

    I just heard from Coolit that you are (or will be) giving away a Coolit ECO A.L.C. CPU cooler!!!

    I would REALLY love to get one of the 240 rads for my new build… I may even go with dual 240 rads!! I'm going all out with two Kingston 500GB SSDs in RAID 0 – striping, Stilerstone TJ07B-W case, Enermax 1050 Watt PSU, GPUs for an 8 monitor array, and Core i7 980 CPU, an APC 1500, plus, plus, plus…all backed up by a Netgear ReadyDUO NAS with two 2TB drives (RAID 1) in it. My goal is to build a system I won't/can't outgrow….).

    Anyway, let me know!!!

    Many thanks,


    P.s. — If there is a way I can have you (or Coolit) donate one or two 240 ECO A.L.C. to this build, I'd be more than happy to provide you with pictures and a rundown of it once it's completed!!!