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Pool Sprint Concept Looking For Investors

Pool Sprint Concept Looking For Investors

Pool Sprint (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

While running in the water provides a grueling workout wherever you are, it’s particularly difficult in a swimming pool, but not in a good way, given the minimal traction between your feet and the pool’s smooth bottom. So in order to allow people to run in their pools until there heart’s content, Finnish designer Pyry Tamminen came up with the Pool Sprint which is essentially a combination of a submersible running track and a pair of specially-gripped underwater shoes. The video I’ve included below pretty much explains and demonstrates the whole concept, and the ridged grip used on the track and the bottom of the shoe is probably a bit more effective than my own design (patent rejected) which consisted of laying down a long row of rubber bathmats.

While functional test models have been built, the Pool Sprint is not yet ready to go into production as Pyry Tamminen is still looking for investors and/or partners so he can design a real prototype. So if you’re interested, you can probably contact him here.

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