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Particle Case Keeps Your iPad Safe And Your Stylus At Hand

Particle Case Keeps Your iPad Safe And Your Stylus At Hand

By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve become rather fond of my iPad, for a number of reasons. Not only is it great for reading books and surfing the net, but I like to doodle on it. It’s hardly a replacement for a Wacom tablet, but with a stylus you can make some decent pictures. Unfortunately unless I’m carrying it around in a bag, I don’t generally keep the stylus with me, which is disappointing when I get the urge to draw. Thankfully Ten One Design (makers of the Pogo Sketch Stylus I use) have released an iPad case with a stylus holder.

The new Particle case should do a great job of keeping the most easily-damaged areas safe from harm. Unlike most others, it actually leaves much of the back open, to reduce heat during long-term use. The case has raised feet on the back, so the exposed parts aren’t resting on whatever surface you may set it on. The side features a clip where you can store your Pogo Sketch, which is included (a $15 value). For $35, I’d say it’s not a bad deal for those who like to draw on the go.

[ Ten One Design ]