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GOLD EDITION SharpShot Means Everyone Playing GoldenEye Has The Golden Gun – One Shot, One Kill Not Guaranteed

GOLD EDITION SharpShot (Images courtesy dreamGEAR)
By Andrew Liszewski

While I’m still a bit worried about Nintendo’s E3 announcement that Eurocom would be remaking GoldenEye 007, what I still consider to be the greatest game of all time, I’ve decided to remain cautiously optimistic about it. And while I think it was serendipitous that accessory maker dreamGEAR just happened to already have this golden gun accessory available for the Wiimote, it now seems like the perfect accessory for the upcoming remake. Of course the plastic shell with a faux chrome finish tinted yellow doesn’t guarantee the same ‘one shot, one kill’ benefits of the golden gun in the original GoldenEye game, but for just $24.99 it will let everyone playing feel just like Scaramanga.

[ GOLD EDITION SharpShot ] VIA [ Kotaku ]