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Traveler’s Phrasebook T-Shirt

Traveler’s Phrasebook T-Shirt

Traveler’s Phrasebook T-Shirt (Images courtesy Art Lebedev)
By Andrew Liszewski

No one wants to be the stereotypical tourist when traveling, fumbling through phrasebooks in an attempt to find the right thing to say so you can find your way around. So here’s a rather simple and elegant solution to the language barrier, created by Art Lebedev, who’s ironically best known for thoroughly over-engineering the computer keyboard. All you have to do is get a local’s attention, point at what you’re looking for and then point to the question mark. (A confused shrug should work too.) It’s probably a good idea not to wear something over the tee though, as grabbing a stranger’s attention and then proceeding to undress in front of them may not be a graciously accepted custom the world over. Get it from Art Lebedev’s online store for ~$20.

[ Traveler’s Phrasebook T-Shirt ] VIA [ bookofjoe ]


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