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Pillow Tie – Father’s Day Is Just Around The Corner, Get Dad A Tie He’ll Actually Use

Pillow Tie (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

In a few years I predict the ‘pillow hidden inside a random object’ industry is going to explode, but for now it’s just a niche product popping up every once in a while. The last option for those who like to doze off anywhere in comfort was a pillow hidden inside a textbook for the higher learning crowd. But this time around it’s the corporate world getting their much needed rest with the Pillow Tie.

As you’ve probably already figured out from that instructo-graphic, the Pillow Tie features a secret air bladder inside with an easily accessible valve at the bottom. It can be quickly filled with just a single breath, and in no time flat you’ll be fast asleep in your office, at a wedding or even that big job interview. The ties come in a pretty wide range of colors, patterns and designs, and appear to run just $19.95 across the board. And to everyone who forgot to get a Father’s Day gift for this upcoming weekend, you’re welcome.

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