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Husqvarna 355FX Forestry Saw Is Your Secret Weapon To Getting To The Front Of That iPhone 4 Line

Husqvarna 355FX Forestry Saw (Image courtesy Husqvarna)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s a quick tip if you were hoping to pick up a new iPhone 4 on launch day. Instead of waking up at the crack of dawn, or even lining up the night before, just add this Husqvarna 355FX forestry saw to your repertoire and in just a few minutes you’ll have easily thinned even the biggest crowds. (Just remember that before you go through the front door your local Apple Store may have a ‘no pets/no industrial forest clearing saws’ policy.) Instead of a plastic cord or even a chain like your standard backyard weedwackers use, the 355FX has a 22-tooth wood saw blade powered by a 3.8HP, 53cc gas engine. It weighs in around 20lbs so the included back, shoulder and hip harness is probably a must-have accessory, and you can have one hanging in your toolshed for just $1,179.95.

[ Husqvarna 355FX Forestry Saw ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

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