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ReflexDock Pro Easily Connects Your iPhone And TV

ReflexDock Pro Easily Connects Your iPhone And TV

By Chris Scott Barr

Having the ability to watch videos on your iPhone seems great, except for one small issue. The screen. I don’t care to watch anything of great length on mine, because staring at a tiny screen isn’t the way I like to enjoy a movie or TV show. However, if you can easily pipe the content to your larger TV, then it might make things worthwhile. This is exactly the idea behind the ReflexDock Pro from Konnet.

This simple-looking cradle is connected to your TV with an AV cable, which will allow it to display whatever video content is on your iPhone or iPod (you’ll need at least the 3G iPhone for it to work). It will also sync and charge your iPhone using the included USB cable, which means you aren’t going to drain your battery watching movies. I think the best use for this will be when the new Netflix app arrives later this year. Imagine streaming movies from your phone to your TV using a $50 cradle. I’m sold.

[ Konnet ]


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