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Papervore Coffee Table Has A Taste For Confidential Documents

Papervore Coffee Table (Image courtesy Voos Furniture)
By Andrew Liszewski

Soon to be appearing in the living rooms of BP executives, this Papervore coffee table will keep guests entertained as they use the mahogany and oak crank to shred their way through confidential reports and incriminating documentation. The table itself is made from a single piece of powdercoated aluminum that’s been bent into an arch, and the clear acrylic bin underneath holds the shredded results until you need them for a giant hamster cage, or to soak up a spill…

$1,950 from Voos Furniture, and yes, for that price you can choose a custom color for the powdercoat finish.

[ Papervore Coffee Table ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

  • Grangoire

    Till you spill a cola beverage and it gunks up the shredding mechanism…