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NavTeq GPS Map Updates Are Important

NavTeq GPS Map Updates Are Important

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NAVTEQ. All opinions are 100% mine.

By David Ponce

When you read the news, there seems to be a steady stream of amusing GPS-related stories. Like the woman who recently decided to sue Google because the allegedly dangerous directions it gave her for an evening stroll eventually led to her being hit by a car. Or the couple that was stranded in the snow for three days because they followed the directions on their GPS down a snowy, undriveable path. Or even the man in the UK who was charged £2,000 for “driving without due care and attention”; he’d blindly followed his GPS’s instructions down a narrow cliffside path whereupon he’d gotten stuck in a wire fence only a few feet away from a 100ft drop.

Stories like that remind us not only of our growing reliance on GPS devices but also how important it is to know how to use them properly. Step one in that process is to have the latest maps loaded. Not only are new roads being built all the time while older ones being closed, but so are businesses and “Points of Interest” constantly changing. I recently received an SD card containing brand new North American NavTeqmaps for my Garmin Nuvi. Updating them was no harder than popping the card in, and booting the device. And while I might have a little more common sense than to drive into a pond because my GPS tells me to, it’s nice to know that I won’t drive 30 minutes to go to a nice restaurant only to find out it’s been out of business for two months. Should you have a NavTeq powered device and wish to update yours, link is below.

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