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Mi-Sport Waterproof Headphones With Built-in MP3 Player

Mi-Sport Waterproof Headphones With Built-in MP3 Player

Mi-Sport Waterproof Headphones (Images courtesy Mi-Sport)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though its name capitalizes on both the popularity of the Nintendo Wii and Apple’s ‘i’ trend, the Mi-Sport MP3 player doesn’t actually do anything as revolutionary as the products from those other companies. But, if you’re an athlete or an outdoors enthusiast, you may still want one to complement your iPod.

The Mi-Sport is basically a pair of headphones with a built-in 4GB media player supporting MP3s, WMAs and AAC files and a respectable 7 hour rechargeable battery. But the feature that sets the Mi-Sport apart is the fact that it’s waterproof. Not splashproof or water-resistant, but waterproof meaning it can be used and worn underwater when swimming, and it actually comes with a set of water-blocking sponge earplugs allowing you to better hear your music while submerged. The control buttons on the right side of the headphones can also be used underwater, and since it’s lacking a display, it also features voice navigation that will read you the names of tracks or playlists so you don’t necessarily have to keep it on shuffle all the time.

Now the Mi-Sport website is a bit vague as to when the product will be available, sometime in 2010 seems to be their target, but at this point there only appears to be rendered versions of the headphones. So hopefully photos of a prototype or physical mockups of the final version will be made available soon to dispense of any ‘vaporware’ rumblings.

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  1. Cool! music underwater, really cant imagine how that will sound πŸ™‚