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Lomography Spinner 360°

Lomography Spinner 360° (Images courtesy Lomography)
By Andrew Liszewski

No one’s really sure what surprises Nikon has in store for its successor to the D90, but if they can make it do what this new Lomography Spinner 360° does, they’ve got at least one guaranteed sale from me. Like with most Lomos the camera’s design is dead simple, and even easier to use, but the results still set it apart from today’s digital alternatives.

The camera swivels on a hand grip extending below it, and also comes with a feature you don’t usually find on a camera: a ripcord. While most panoramic photos cover a 120° perspective from left to right, the Lomo Spinner 360° goes all the way around when you yank the cord, producing a panoramic photo that’s 4X longer than a standard landscape portrait. Not sure why that’s cool? Well check out these sample shots below, which I guess are each worth 4,000 words if I’ve done my math correctly.

Lomography Spinner 360° (Images courtesy Lomography)

It’s definitely not cheap though. The Lomography Spinner 360° is currently available on the Lomo website for about $150 (€ 125.00) and in case you’ve already forgotten, you’ll still need to pay for film and development.

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