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Sky Factory eScape Virtual Windows Provide Soothing, Yet Unrealistic, Views

Sky Factory eScape Virtual Windows (Images courtesy Sky Factory)
By Andrew Liszewski

We’re all familiar with the idea of slapping a hi-def LCD display on the wall in a portrait orientation and then playing back footage of the great outdoors to make it seem like a window with a fantastic view. So the eScape from Sky Factory doesn’t exactly break any new ground. They’ve basically taken the concept and refined it with a lovely 40-inch 1080P LCD and a stylish frame with shutters, that open inwards for some reason. And while I find the $9,750 asking price ridiculous, it’s the included video scenes that actually leave me shaking my head.

Is the waterfall clip supposed to make visitors think that part of my house and/or apartment opens into an underground grotto? Or that even though I live on the 26th floor of a high-rise building, the view from my bedroom includes a spectacular shoreline with waves crashing against rocks? Now I know these virtual windows are just supposed to provide a relaxing escape wherever they’re installed, but I think it wouldn’t hurt to provide a couple of video options that are at least semi-plausible.

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  • Graham Davenport

    it's the screens from back to the future part 2!

    we're getting closer and closer to the future they predicted!