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Ride! Ride! Children’s ‘PhoneBook’ Uses Your iPhone For Interactive Elements

Ride! Ride! Children's 'PhoneBook' (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Got kids? Got kids who like playing with your iPhone or iPod Touch? Well check out this brilliant children’s book, or PhoneBook, created by Japan’s MOBILE ART LAB. It’s a picture book that features a slot for your iPhone/iPod Touch that leaves just the display visible in the middle of each page, allowing your child to interact with the accompanying (and free) app that enhances the adventures of POPO and MOMO with interactive elements, animations and music.

The book was officially released in Japan on May 25th, and is available from Amazon for about $32 (?2,980). Of course since the app is free you probably don’t actually need to buy the book, but the whole experience seems just a bit less charming without it.

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  • SubHero

    Phone x Book not Phone + Book??? Guess that would make it just a regular phonebook… This must be some of the best examples of the Japanse' wrong grasp of the English language ever.

    It's a great idea none the less.