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Panasonic BL-C230A Wireless Network Camera Should Appeal To The Paranoid

Panasonic BL-C230A Wireless Network Camera (Image courtesy Panasonic)
By Andrew Liszewski

Convinced that someone’s stealing your mail? Using your pool while you’re at work? Or maybe the dog’s been raiding the fridge while you’re away. Whatever the case, you won’t be able to confront the culprit without catching them in the act, so I suggest filling your home with these compact wireless cameras from Panasonic. The BL-C230A provides a constant 640×480 H.264 full motion video stream which can be monitored from a browser, anywhere in the world, using a personalized secure address that Panasonic provides for free. The website interface also allows you to remotely pan and tilt the lens, or zoom the image (digitally) to get a better view when you see shenanigans going down.

But even the paranoid have to sleep and can’t monitor a live video feed 24/7, so the BL-C230A includes built-in body heat, motion and sound sensors that will keep an eye out for suspicious activities for you, and can automatically trigger the included recording software to capture the event. Unfortunately again peace of mind comes at a premium, and this camera will set you back $299.25. So I’d recommend buying two and pointing them at each other, so if one of them gets stolen, you’ll know about it!

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