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Typhonics SP-Tiles Look Like They’ll Keep The Party Thumping All Night Long, Actually Do Just The Opposite

Typhonics SP-Tiles (Images courtesy Design Blog :: SPGRA)
By Andrew Liszewski

What looks like an amazing set of speakers on a living room wall actually turns out to be a series of sound dampening foam tiles. The SP-Tiles from Typhonics are designed to pretty much do the same thing as the acoustical tiles you’d find on the walls of recording studios and other sound quality critical venues, but look a bit cooler doing it so you’ll be less apprehensive about using them in your home. They attach to the walls with good old-fashioned double-sided tape and a special wallpaper, which I assume is to protect the wall’s finish if they’re ever removed, and are available for about $54 (¥4,935) a piece.

[ Typhonics SP-Tiles ] VIA [ Design Blog :: SPGRA ]

  • fskhan999

    Impressive design !! love to share

  • Charles Hügli

    It's just that on a per-square-meter basis, these are 50 times more expensive than actual studio foam.

  • Steve DeLeo

    I want these. Where can I buy them in the United States? Thanks.