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Great, Now Even Your Cat Can Send Useless Tweets

Great, Now Even Your Cat Can Send Useless Tweets

By Chris Scott Barr

When I stumbled upon the Tweeting Teakettle a couple of months ago, I thought I’d found the worst possible use for Twitter. I love how companies find new ways to prove me wrong. This time it’s not a small startup company, but a tech giant named Sony who has me convinced that Twitter will somehow bring about the apocalypse. It seems they are putting a good amount of effort into a device that will allow your cat to send tweets.

That ugly, bulky device that you see pictured above is a prototype of their [email protected], which will assist your feline friend in telling the world of their eating and napping habits. If you’re wondering why they used a stuffed cat, it’s because you’ll be hard pressed to find a cat that will let you put this thing on them, let alone stand still for a picture once it is on.

As for the technology itself, the device contains a GPS sensor, accelerometer and a camera. These will log your cats activities, and make appropriate tweets based on them. One example given was that if your cat walked around for a bit and then ate some food, it might tweet “Meals taste better after a walk.” Currently this is one of 11 different phrases used.

This definitely gets my vote for the worst use of Twitter so far this year. I really wish I could have been a fly on the wall at the meeting where this was brought up. Not only did someone have to suggest this, but there had to actually be other people in the room who thought it was a good idea.

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One response to “Great, Now Even Your Cat Can Send Useless Tweets”

  1. MagicWuff says:

    This is why I never got into twitter -_-