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Waxy Tower Motion Lamps Make The Lava Lamp Cool For Use Outside Of A Dorm Room

Waxy Tower Motion Lamps (Images courtesy Lumisource)
By Andrew Liszewski

What we’ve got here is nothing more than your average lava lamp, but with a much needed facelift so it looks more at home in a modern decor, and less like it’s a remnant of your college days you refuse to let go of. And I just realized that when the world finally transitions to fluorescent and LED lighting, the lava lamp could go extinct since they rely on the heat produced by an incandescent bulb to keep the lava flowing… A scary glimpse at a future I don’t want to be a part of. In the meantime you can get this lamp from Amazon for $67.77, with either black or hot pink ‘lava’.

[ Waxy Tower Motion Lamps ] VIA [ Luxury Housing Trends ]

  • franco1975

    This is something I would buy. It creates some motion in the room.