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Tomy’s RC Mario Karts Feature Virtual Power-Ups, Shells And Bananas

Tomy’s RC Mario Karts Feature Virtual Power-Ups, Shells And Bananas

RC Mario Karts (Images courtesy Tomy)
By Andrew Liszewski

You can find tiny RC versions of Mario, Luigi and Yoshi in the toy aisles pretty much anywhere these days, but there’s a reason you’ll want to hold off and order these new Tomy versions from Amazon Japan instead. You see these versions feature LED lights and infrared sensors, and just like in the Mario Kart video games, you’ll periodically get power-ups or weapons, like the green shells, invincibility and bananas, which are indicated on the remote control.

The killer red shell and pain-in-the-ass blue shell are notably absent, but the other items provide speed bursts, or thanks to the infrared sensors, allow you to shoot and slow or hinder an opponent. The remote even has a built-in speaker and hopefully plays that awesome ‘invincibility’ tune (that’s now hard-wired into my brain) whenever you use a star. They’ll be available in Japan from June 19th for about $30 (¥2,730) each.

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