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TC3 FPS Military Simulator Designed To Train Medics

TC3 FPS Military Simulator Designed To Train Medics

Tactical Combat Casualty Care Simulation (Images courtesy Engineering & Computer Simulations, Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

When you think of simulators designed for the military, you probably think of pilots safely training in virtual multi-million dollar aircraft, or soldiers practicing combat via a shoot-em-up FPS, but the TC3, or Tactical Combat Casualty Care Simulation, is an FPS that’s actually designed to give medics experience in the field.

Learning how to quickly and effectively treat a wound is one thing, but learning how to administer the same treatment in the middle of a warzone is an entirely different skillset. So the TC3 simulator reinforces lessons taught in a classroom with actual scenarios played out in a virtual version of Afghanistan, where medics have to treat wounded soldiers in the middle of battles and gunfire. Everything from how to treat the wound to bedside manner is tested, since calming an injured soldier is usually the first thing you have to do before you can even begin treatment, and at the end of the mission the participants are critiqued as to how well a given situation was handled, and if there’s room for improvement.

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One response to “TC3 FPS Military Simulator Designed To Train Medics”

  1. Nikkita Croix says:

    Isn't this what Team Fortress did way back in the 90s? If the mission debriefing doesn't included be chided for running by an enemy and not infecting him with a disease that is only contagious to other people on the enemy team, I'm going to be very disappointed in this game.