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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Announcing The Winner Of The SmartSwipe!

By Chris Scott Barr

Congratulations go out to MagicWuff! They were the winner of last week’s SmartSwipe giveaway. Thanks to everyone that entered, and stay tuned for more contests!

[SmartSwipe ]

Spatial Interaction Faucet Works Without Touching

By Chris Scott Barr

When you go to wash your hands, the first thing you generally do is turn on the faucet. Since your hands are already dirty, then you’re just going to get the faucet dirty as well. Now not only do you have to wash your hands, but the sink as well. Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn on the water without touching anything?

Designer Jasper Dekker has been thinking along these lines and crafted a faucet that is controlled with a wave of the hand. The Spatial Interaction allows you to not only turn it on and off, but shift the temperature without even touching it.  Convenient, and clean. Now all we have to do is wait for this concept to become a reality.

[ JasperDekker ] VIA [ CoolestGadgets ]

Kenwood Energy Sense Kettle Boils Water With 35% Less Energy

Kenwood Energy Sense Kettle (Image courtesy nigel's eco store)
By Andrew Liszewski

Unlike the Kenwood toaster we brought you a few weeks ago that simply allowed you to turn off the heating elements in one of the slots to save power, this Kenwood kettle uses a combination of common sense and improved technology to be ‘eco-friendly.’ The printed heating element technology it uses to heat the water uses about 35% less energy, and as for common sense? Well the clear design allows you to easily fill the kettle to a specific level, so you’re not boiling more water than you intend to use. Available from nigel’s eco store for about $70. (£47.99)

[ nigel’s eco store – Kenwood Energy Sense Kettle ]

WTFjeans Feature A Gadget-Friendly Front Pocket

WTFjeans (Images courtesy WTFjeans)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve got nothing against the warm weather brought on by Summer (in my part of the world at least) but I have to say I prefer the Fall and Winter since cooler temperatures mean you need a jacket, and a jacket usually comes chock full of gadget-stashing pockets. While I can squeeze my iPhone into my jean pockets in the Summer, it requires some strategic re-shuffling so that there’s no keys or change floating around that might scratch it, and it’s altogether a bigger ordeal than it really needs to be.

But it appears I’m not the only one who suffers from a lack of pockets in the Summertime. Created by Sanja Rastovac and Pedja Puselja, these WTFjeans feature a dedicated gadget-pocket in the front, with a hidden pocket for a USB flash drive right next to it. While it’s big enough to store a host of different gadgets, it seems mostly designed with the iPhone/iPod Touch in mind since the pocket is lined with micro-fiber so it protects and actually cleans your toys when you put them in or take them out.

All-in-all just 1,000 pairs of WTFjeans are being produced, and starting May 31 the last batch of 500 will go on sale for about $134. (€109)

[ WTFjeans ] VIA [ Mashable ]

May The Force Be With Your Breakfast

By Chris Scott Barr

Pancakes rank pretty high on my list of favorite breakfast foods. They’re cheap, easy to make, and you can have some fun with them. When I was a kid it was always fun trying to make pancakes into different shapes and such. We did it by hand, carefully pouring into the shape we desired, which means it rarely turned out all that great. Regardless, it was still fun.

If you like perfectly-shaped pancakes and have a love for Star Wars, then you’ll love these pancake molds. The set includes Darth Vader, Yoda and a Stormtrooper. The pancakes look a little small for my taste, but the shapes would totally make up for it. $20 gets you the set.

[ Williams-Sonoma ] VIA [ UberReview ]

2GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks – 4GB Of Storage For $195

2GB Ravi Ratan Flash Drive Cufflinks (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

For the well-dressed IT guy or BOFH (are there any who aren’t?) comes this stylish set of engravable cufflinks from Ravi Ratan that each feature a concealed 2GB USB flash drive. So for $195 you essentially get 4GB of storage, sleeve cuffs that aren’t flapping in the wind and a mystery metal. I want to assume they’re made of silver, but makes no mention that they are. Though gold plated versions are also available for the same price.

[ 2GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]

iHome’s iP49 Is The First Travel Alarm Clock With An iPod Dock

iHome iP49 (Images courtesy iHome)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it’s admittedly a lot bulkier than your typical travel alarm clock, the iP49 from iHome is the first one I’ve seen that includes an iPod/iPhone dock, perfect if the hotel or friend/family member you’re staying with doesn’t already provide a similar amenity. It comes with an AC adapter to power the alarm/charge your iPod/iPhone, but if the place your staying doesn’t even have electricity, a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery is also at your disposal.

The iP49 has a simple folding clamshell design which protects the insides while it’s packed away in a bag or suitcase, and as you can see in the product shots, it doesn’t skimp on speakers either. According to the iHome site the alarm features “…Bongiovi Acousitcs’ patented Digital Power Station technology and four neodymium compression drivers…” providing studio quality sound wherever you are. Other features include separate weekday/weekend alarms, customizable snooze times and gradual wake and sleep volume controls so you’re not jarred awake in the morning. $159.99 available directly from iHome.

[ iHome iP49 ] VIA [ ChipChick ]

Toy Story Alien CD Player + Radio

Toy Story Alien CD Player + Radio (Images courtesy RUN'A)
By Andrew Liszewski

I can’t seem to glean too much information about this Toy Story themed CD player/radio from the RUN’A website, but since the squishy green alien characters became an instant hit after the first film, I doubt anyone will be buying this thing because of its tech specs. The alien’s head opens up to reveal the CD tray, while his collar and neck feature all of the necessary playback and control buttons. His ears also double as speakers, and while it’s not mentioned anywhere, it looks like his three eyes might actually open and close, though when and why I’m not sure. The only dealbreaker here? The $98 (¥8,800) price tag for something that only plays CDs.

[ Toy Story Alien CD Player + Radio ] VIA [ Digital Drops ]

Magnetic Suspension Device Display Is The Real Secret To Selling Sugar Water

Magnetic Suspension Device (Image courtesy Chinavasion)
By Andrew Liszewski

Soft drink manufacturers have tried everything from celebrity endorsements, to super models, to multi-million dollar commercials to outdo each other, but little did they know the real secret to moving their product was this amazing magnetic levitation display device from Chinavasion. You just attach a special ring to the top of the can, plug the base in and when placed inside the ring, the can will magically float, making everyone realize they should be buying your product instead of your competitor’s. The Chinavasion site claims it can be used with bottles too, though I’m not really sure how the logistics of that would work given a can appears to just barely fit inside the ring. ~$55.

[ Magnetic Suspension Device ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]