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Paper Tube Eco-Furniture Grows With Your Kids

Paper Tube Eco-Furniture Grows With Your Kids

Paper Tube Eco-Furniture (Images courtesy HECMEC)
By Andrew Liszewski

How strong is your average cardboard tube? Because I think that’s the only thing standing between this line of eco-friendly DIY furniture from being brilliant, or just an optimistic concept with one fatal flaw. The idea is pretty simple. The chairs and tables come disassembled like your average IKEA kit, but instead of including metal or plastic tubing, it comes with cardboard tubes. So in theory, as long as you have a reliable source of cardboard tubing, you can swap in longer pieces so the furniture grows along with your kids.

Of course since they’re made of cardboard the pieces you’ve swapped out are completely recyclable, and if you tire of the furniture altogether, the various plastic bits like the seats and corner pieces are all made from 100% plant-based resin, making them recyclable too. As an added bonus your kids are free to color or decorate the cardboard bits of the furniture as much as they like since they can be easily replaced if their crayola masterpieces end up clashing with the decor in their playroom. And if that wasn’t enough, apparently the company behind the furniture, HECMEC, claims that their manufacturing process reduces carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 40% since they’re not using steel.

Unfortunately as cool as it all sounds, I can’t really find any information on when or where the furniture will be available, though it’s clear that functioning prototypes at least do exist.

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