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Toy Story Alien CD Player + Radio

Toy Story Alien CD Player + Radio (Images courtesy RUN'A)
By Andrew Liszewski

I can’t seem to glean too much information about this Toy Story themed CD player/radio from the RUN’A website, but since the squishy green alien characters became an instant hit after the first film, I doubt anyone will be buying this thing because of its tech specs. The alien’s head opens up to reveal the CD tray, while his collar and neck feature all of the necessary playback and control buttons. His ears also double as speakers, and while it’s not mentioned anywhere, it looks like his three eyes might actually open and close, though when and why I’m not sure. The only dealbreaker here? The $98 (¥8,800) price tag for something that only plays CDs.

[ Toy Story Alien CD Player + Radio ] VIA [ Digital Drops ]

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    Toy Story Alien CD Player + Radio

  • Prateek Panchal

    Hey that is seriously cute….good for kids!!!!!!

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