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SteadePod Camera Stabilizer

SteadePod Camera Stabilizer

SteadePod Camera Stabilizer (Images courtesy West Coast Corp.)
By Andrew Liszewski

The cheapest way I’ve found to stabilize a camera when a tripod or monopod isn’t available is to use a simple loop of rope attached to a bolt, which is attached to the tripod mount. You then just put your foot through the loop, step on it, and with a little tension you’ll have a surprisingly solid grip on your camera. And that’s essentially the same concept behind this SteadePod.

Instead of a loop of rope though, the SteadePod has a retractable cord with a foot pad you step on and a fancy tripod mount that can swivel, allowing you to hold your camera in a variety of positions. To be honest the only advantage I can see here is the ability to easily adjust the length of cord, which allows you to change the height you’re holding your camera or camcorder, but at just $29.95 it seems priced just right enough for what is essentially a slightly more professional looking alternative to the aforementioned piece of looped rope.

[ SteadePod ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]


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