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Monstrous Penthouse Watch Phone Somehow Claims To Be The World’s Smallest

Monstrous Penthouse Watch Phone Somehow Claims To Be The World’s Smallest

Penthouse Cell Phone Watch (Images courtesy Chinavasion)
By Andrew Liszewski

While I’m sure LG will happily dispute Chinavasion’s claim that this Penthouse watch phone is the world’s smallest, I really don’t think they’re actually fooling anyone. Technically it’s compact enough to be strapped to your wrist, but terms like sleek and svelte don’t really come to mind when you see it being worn in the product shots.

As cellphones go it seems aptly capable with quad band GSM support, dual-sim card slots and Bluetooth since you’ll probably want to use a BT headset instead of holding this thing up to your ear ala Dick Tracy. It’s also got a 1.5 inch touchscreen display, though I question how well it works given the manufacturer has included a keypad and a 4-way directional controller. As a smartphone though, I’m afraid the Penthouse’s multimedia capabilities are rather lacking. Photos are captured at just 640×480, and the included 506kb of built-in memory means the included 1GB microSD card is a must-have accessory. Videos are even worse, maxing out at 176×144 AVI files with a 5fps framerate. Needless to say interested buyers will probably only be picking this thing up for its admittedly compact size, and its relatively cheap $113 price tag.

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