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CERULEAN RX Stereo Bluetooth Receiver Makes Your iPad Friendly With Music Docks

CERULEAN RX Stereo Bluetooth Receiver (Image courtesy iSkin)
By Andrew Liszewski

While the iPad features the same 30-pin dock connector used by the iPhone and many of the iPod models, it’s larger size means it can’t be used with the docks featured on a plethora of iPod accessories, from stereos to alarm clocks. But that’s no longer a problem thanks to the CERULEAN Bluetooth receiver from iSkin. It’s a simple wireless adapter that’s small enough to sit in any iPod dock and streams music over A2DP from the iPhone, or any Bluetooth source.

It doesn’t require batteries since it draws power from the dock connector, and if you happen to be using it with a phone it will pause the music so you can answer a call, and resume playing once you hang up. Unfortunately though I think it’s a bit on the pricey side at $89.99 given it’s limited to only being used with Apple-specific accessories.

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