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TIM (Time Is Money) Clock Calculates The True Cost Of Office Meetings

TIM (Time Is Money) Clock Calculates The True Cost Of Office Meetings

Time Is Money Office Clock (Image courtesy Bring TIM)
By Andrew Liszewski

Besides the toll on your employee’s souls (or what’s left of them) long, drawn-out office meetings can end up costing your company a lot of money when it comes to lost productivity. So the TIM, or Time Is Money, clock makes it easy to calculate the true financial cost of a boring meeting.

Before things get under way you enter the number of people in the room, and an educated guess at the average hourly wage of everyone in attendance, and then hit the large illuminated Start button. As the seconds tick by the true cost of the meeting is displayed on the TIM’s monochrome LCD display, hopefully encouraging everyone to get to the point, and to quickly get back to their desks. And the first time you use the TIM you’ll probably want to factor in the clock’s $24.99 price tag to the cost of the meeting as well.

[ Time Is Money Office Clock ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

  • Diana Q


  • affilojetpack

    wow what a crazy simple concept that a ton of companies are probably not taking into account….I should pass this along to the company i work for then maybe I won’t have to sit through all those pointless meetings 😉

  • google sniper

    TIM should be passed around to all the managers around the would save us all a lot of time in those boring and pointless meetings….love it