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Sylvania Doesn’t Want Klipsch To Have All The Lightbulb Speaker Fun – Announces Their MusicLite Alternative

Sylvania MusicLite (Image courtesy Sylvania)
By Andrew Liszewski

Earlier in the year Klipsch announced their LightSpeaker system which combined LED bulbs and wireless speakers that could be installed into standard recessed lighting fixtures, making it easy to route your music around the house without unsightly wires. Well Sylvania’s decided to get in on the action too with a nearly identical product known as the MusicLite system.

Each MusicLite ‘bulb’ features a 10-watt cluster of LEDS producing the equivalent amount of light as a 65-watt recessed lighting reflector bulb, but manages to squeeze in a 25-watt speaker as well, edging out the built-in speakers in Klipsch’s system by about 5 watts. Sylvania’s wireless audio transmitter also has a range of about 90 feet, compared to 50 feet with Klipsch’s transmitter. But the real deciding factor will be the price, which Sylvania hasn’t announced yet since their MusicLite system won’t be available until the Fall. But if they can beat Klipsch’s $600 expected price tag they just might come out on top.

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