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Apparently In Paris The Big Mouth Billy Bass Is An Effective Advertising Tool

By Andrew Liszewski

First it was Jerry Lewis, and now it seems like the French have embraced another North American icon that we all find horribly annoying: the Big Mouth Billy Bass. Ad agency Grey Paris created this interactive billboard for their client Findus, a frozen food company, that features 25 animatronic basses singing KC & the Sunshine Band’s Shake Your Booty. The billboard was installed on the busy Rue de Passy in Paris in an attempt to educate consumers that the company was committed to only selling responsibly sourced fish, but since the chorus of bass only sings whenever someone walks by, the ad could only have served to educate consumers that the company was committed to being incomprehensively annoying.

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  • DO-NOT-MESS_with_USa

    “This video is private.”
    WTF!? Why have it posted here in the first place?

  • David Ponce

    Well… a lot of things can happen in 7 years…