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Win A SmartSwipe!

Win A SmartSwipe!

By Chris Scott Barr

It’s Friday, and we’re in a giving mood. You know what that means; it’s time to give something back to you! This week we’ve got a SmartSwipe for one of our lucky readers. What is this contraption, you say? It’s a credit card reader for your home computer. No, it’s not for taking payments at home, but rather for making your life a little easier (and safer).

The SmartSwipe allows you to enter your credit card information by simply swiping your card. No more trying to punch in 16 digits, just swipe it. This also helps protect against any sort of malicious keylogging software that may have infected your computer. Whether you’re worried about online security, or just want to make buying things online a bit easier, this could definitely come in handy.

We’re running this contest much the same as the others lately. If you’re in the US and want to get your hands on this, just drop us a comment below. Next Friday, a winner will be selected at random. Good luck!

[ SmartSwipe ]

  • Anonymous

    What’s the interface? USB, wifi? Do websites offer support for this sort of thing?

  • Anonymous

    This will make correspondence with my new friend from Nigeria SO much easier!

  • mkechaz

    Comment dropping…

  • cdsfire

    Amazing! I love shopping online. This would be great!

  • Mike

    i'll take one

  • TongBlack

    Woo-hoo I want one!

  • aturtle1

    I want one

  • jimsix

    Thanks for the giveaway. What a great idea! Please count me in.

  • macayn

    Very cool!

  • MagicWuff

    can't win if you don't enter!

  • darkpbj

    It's not fishtank friday, but what the heck

  • littleshimmy

    ooh, me me me! :)

  • ellee18

    Avid online shopper….this will come in really handy and no more searching for my CCs

  • ellee18

    I love online shopping! I won't have to search for my CC's anymore

  • Brandi

    I do a fair bit of online shopping– but the kicker is I do a lot of it for my parents, who are uneasy about online security. Perhaps a thing like this will help put their minds at ease (after teaching them more about secure servers and how to know which are good).

  • Mr Sprinkles

    Now to buy all of those foreign custards I've heard so much about.

  • dubzilla

    Wow this will make it easier to buy things from OhGizmo advertisers. I'm in.

  • joecrop

    Wow, this will help me spend even more money!

  • firerock

    Another interesting product…could be useful

  • robroot

    I agree With firerock that this looks like an interesting product.

  • captbaka

    Yes please!

  • marechek33

    this sounds kinda fun since i do buy a lot of stuff online!

  • ryanj983

    great way to get my wife to spend even more money online!

  • leeborden1

    Hope gives off the sent of burning plastic if you use it more than once every five minutes.

  • Nikkita Croix

    I wonder if there is enough encryption and security to make sure hackers can't erase my credit card when I swipe it.

  • StratMan9000

    There is not much reason I need this, but I WANT IT!!

  • Kevin

    Nice thing! I enter my digits many times a week, this can make this task quicker, and certainely more fun and interactive! Thanks for your nice blog.

  • shsu8587

    I don't consider myself lazy or paranoid enough to fear typing in my credit card every time I need to make an on-line purchase, but I would love this all the same.

  • Koskun

    Commenting for a chance to win goodies.

  • Jerry Lafferty

    I hate keyloggers!

  • fredward1

    So awesome. with my azus 900 typing in those crazy cc numbers is next to impossible on these tini keys.

  • Austinkir

    Yes, please. I love gadgets that clutter my desk!

  • Xombie

    Count me in please! Thanks. :)

  • Jan Medi

    Seems useful. Would save a bit of time.

  • ocachaz

    This could help save me from arthritis. I would definitely use this many times a week..

  • kawsOne

    This will definitely be useful. Count me in please.

  • jackCZ

    Oh my … i need this!!

  • claycc

    Nice gadget – count me in =)

  • claycc

    I could definately use this – count me in =)

  • Aaron Tucker

    if only it monitored woot for the bag of crap.