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Augmented Reality Wallpaper Lets Everyone Decorate The Virtual Walls As They Please

FabLabWall Wallpaper (Image courtesy NoDesign)
By Andrew Liszewski

Tired of fighting over who gets to choose what to hang on the living room walls? The photo of Einstein sticking his tongue out vs. sad clowns on black velvet? Well thanks to designers Jean-Louis Fréchin and Uros Petrevski, anyone with an iPhone can decorate as they see fit with this special augmented reality wallpaper. Now as wallpapers go it’s not the most subtle design, but the ‘random’ circle patterns allow their FabLabWall iPhone app (I couldn’t find it in the App Store) to show virtual pieces of art, and even sound and video.

The wallpaper was actually created to be an art installation at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris as part of an exhibition that runs from May 7 to August 15, 2010. And while there are no immediate plans to put the wallpaper into mass production, I’m sure the idea will inspire entrepreneurial types to take advantage of the current augmented reality trend.

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