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Hermès Folding Travel Belt – Because Fitting A Regular Belt In A Suitcase Is Almost Impossible

Hermès Folding Travel Belt (Image courtesy Selectism)
By Andrew Liszewski

You can never bring too many extra belts with you when traveling, but trying to find a way to fit just one into a packed suitcase is a puzzle that has plagued mankind for years. You usually end up with 75% of the belt sticking out through the zipper, or you have to invest in a special belt tube carrying case that just doesn’t fit in an overhead compartment. Thankfully the engineers at Hermès have come up with a remarkable solution. Their folding travel belt features 6 pivoting hinges allowing the belt to collapse and fit into something as small as a briefcase. Remarkable! Of course you’d expect to pay thousands of dollars for such innovation, but Hermès will be selling the belt for a very reasonable $730 (580€) when it’s available in July.

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  • franco1975

    Hermes sells handbags at $150k so $730 is considered cheap.

  • jcostantino

    I usually just roll mine up…