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Self-Weighing Suitcase Could Save You Money

Self-Weighing Suitcase Could Save You Money

By Chris Scott Barr

I think we can all agree that flying is one expensive way to travel. Unfortunately it’s the quickest way to get around if you need to cross great distances. One of the worst things about taking to the skies is that you tend to get dinged by extra charges. The fees for your luggage can sometimes be avoided, if you know how.

If you want to avoid those extra fees, you have to arm yourself with knowledge. Namely, you need to know your airline’s policies concerning the amount of luggage you’re allowed to bring, and how much it can weigh. Going over these limits will cost you. I’ve seen small contraptions that let you weigh your luggage, thus letting you know if you need to redistribute the contents. However, these do add to the weight and take away some of your packing space. So why not build the scale into suitcase?

This Self-Weighing suitcase has a small scale built into the handle, with an LCD screen to show you the results. It doesn’t appear to add much weight at all, and won’t take away from your packing space. Sure, you don’t need an extra gadget to tell you the weight of your luggage when leaving for your trip, but this might come in handy when you’re trying to fit everything back in (including souvenirs and such) for the return journey.

The $105 suitcase is a bit pricey, but considering the money it could save you, it may very well be worth the cost. You also get a matching carry-on bag, which helps to justify the price as well. If you’re a frequent traveler in need of some new luggage, this might be worth a look.

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