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Reevu Helmets Feature A Rearview Mirror In The Visor

Reevu Helmets Feature A Rearview Mirror In The Visor

Reevu Motorsports Helmets (Images courtesy Reevu)
By Andrew Liszewski

What’s most intriguing about these Reevu helmets isn’t the fact they let a rider see what’s behind them without looking back, similar helmets using cameras and LCDs already exist, it’s that they do it all with optics and mirrors, so there’s no electronics to power, or malfunction. In fact, the multiple mirror system used by the Reevu to ‘bend’ the light around the rider’s head is made from a reflective polycarbonate material instead of glass, making it lighter and almost impossible to break. Kind of important for something designed to absorb impacts.

The company admits that perpetually having a view of both the road ahead and the road behind does take some getting used to, but after a short while many riders found it to be second nature, and a definite improvement over having to turn your head to look behind, taking your eyes off of what’s coming. Now perusing a few reviews of the MSX1 helmet it turns out that prototypes have existed as far back as 2004, but only recently has the helmet gone into production with an MSRP of about $375. (£249)

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