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Glossy White Paperweight Desk Is Actually Made From 100% Recyclable Cardboard

Paperweight Desk (Image courtesy nigel's eco store)
By Andrew Liszewski

If your office employs a lot of temps, the last thing you want to do is buy a real desk for each and every one of them. Besides giving them a false sense of job security, they’re also difficult to stash away when not being used. That’s not the case with the Paperweight Desk though. Even though it has a glossy white finish, the entire desk is made from 100% recyclable grade A white double walled corrugated cardboard. Assembly takes just 3 minutes on average, but disposing of it once it’s no longer needed takes even less time. And the boxy design not only adds stability, but also provides a built-in cable management system that can be expanded with nothing more than an exacto knife. Now if they could just find a way to make it a little cheaper than $228.

[ Paperweight Desk ] VIA [ Better Living Through Design ]