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Double Room Circulator Is Simple, Yet Expensive

Double Room Circulator Is Simple, Yet Expensive

By Chris Scott Barr

When it comes to cooling off a room without kicking on the A/C, nothing beats a good old-fashioned fan. If it’s cool enough outside, you can stick one in the window, or just have it circulate the air in the room. But does a single fan really work all that well for properly circulating a room? Certainly not as well as a pair, that’s for sure. This line of thought is no doubt what lead someone to design this Double Room Circulator.

The Circulator is essentially two fans strapped to a single housing. Both are able to be directed and controlled independently of one another, for maximum potential. It seems like a brilliant idea, but someone forgot to tell the manufacturer that little fans like those are really cheap. They’re asking around $130 for this contraption. I think I’ll go buy a pair of fans for around a third of the price and make do.

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