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Behold The Amazing Fart-Absorbing Blanket!

By Chris Scott Barr

With April having passed, one generally lets down their guard about products that might be too silly to be true. Every now and then a missed April Fool’s joke will pop up, so I do try and stay on my toes. Needless to say this fart-absorbing blanket immediately made me skeptical. A silly video and a name like “The Better Marriage Blanket” couldn’t possibly be real, could it?

I’m afraid that it seems quite real. This blanket promises to use a carbon fabric to absorb any unpleasant odors from your nighttime emissions. This will be the thing that saves your marriage, as we all know most divorces begin with a Dutch Oven. The blanket ranges from $40-$60 (depending on the size you choose), and despite what they claim will not make for a good wedding or anniversary gift. Seriously, this should never be purchased as a gift unless you’re intending it to be a joke, especially for your spouse.

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