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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Clatronic Mini Washing Machine

Clatronic Mini Washing Machine (Image courtesy Furniture Fashion)
By Andrew Liszewski

With a capacity of just 13 liters you’ll be hard pressed to cram a day’s worth of clothes, let alone a week’s worth, into this miniature washing machine from Clatronic. But stick it under your desk at work and after a 15 minute wash cycle you won’t have to worry about the lunch stains on your shirt interfering with your big afternoon meeting. It does require a water and drainage hookup, as well as power, which makes me wonder how useful it really is for camping like their site suggests, outside of traveling in a well-equipped motor home. But at least it comes with a similarly miniaturized price tag of about $60. (€45)

[ Clatronic MWA 3101 Mini Washing Machine ] VIA [ Furniture Fashion ]

Hallmark To Release A Star Wars Video Greeting Card For Father’s Day

Hallmark Star Wars Video Greeting Cards (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Just in time to impress your old man who still gets Star Trek and Star Wars mixed up comes this new Father’s Day greeting card from Hallmark. It features an actual LCD video screen that plays back a “humorous montage of clips featuring Star Wars characters in “father-like” moments from the original movie trilogy combined with a light-hearted message to dad.” The card itself features graphics and artwork of Vader and company from A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, the movie where Vader cuts off his son’s hand, setting a great example for dads everywhere. The card should be available sometime in May and while I don’t think it’s going to be cheap, good luck in finding one once the collectors catch wind of it.

[ – Star Wars Video Greeting Cards from Hallmark ] VIA [ TheForce.Net ]

Lexar 600X Compact Flash Cards Now Available

Lexar Professional 600x 32GB CF Card (Image courtesy Lexar)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve got a memory hungry DSLR and an extra $500 burning a hole in your pocket, Lexar wants you to know that their 600X 32GB compact flash card should now be available at various retailers. The card has a guaranteed minimum sustained write speed capability of 90MB/s when used with an UDMA 6-enabled device, though the press release doesn’t mention what the max or burst write speeds might be. And if the 600X is too rich for your blood, Lexar also announced a 300X version of their 32GB CF card with sustained write speeds of 45MB/s and a slightly more reasonable price tag of $250.

[ PR – Lexar Professional 600x and 300x 32GB CompactFlash Cards and Professional ExpressCard CF Reader Now Available ] VIA [ Mobile Magazine ]

Stop Cats From Using Your Sandbox As A Litter Box

By Chris Scott Barr

When you were really young, I’m sure that at some point you played in a sandbox. However, did you ever dig up a cat’s buried treasure? Finding cat poop in your sandbox is just gross. If you don’t want your children to suffer the same fate, then you might check out this little device.

The Contech CatStop Cat Detterrent does exactly what you’d think it does; it deters cats. The gadget features a motion sensor that lets it know when to set off an ultrasonic alarm that will drive away felines. It’s supposed to be able to cover a 330 square foot area, which should take care of your sandbox. I suppose if you just really hate cats, you can stick a few of these in your yard for kicks. Then again $52 is a lot to pay just to get rid of a cat.

[ Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent ] VIA [ CoolestGadgets ]

OhGizmo! Review and Giveaway – The HP Touchsmart 600-1055 Part 2… And 3


By David Ponce

It’s time to conclude our review of the HP Touchsmart 600-1055 and to bring our giveaway to a close. For those of you who didn’t follow, the previous article is here. We decided to combine parts 2 and 3 into one, simply because the initial article contained all the info you needed on the machine’s hardware, leaving us with only with the Touchsmart Suite of applications to review. If you’ll recall, we’re trying to determine if this all-in-one can serve as an entertainment hub and replace your TV, your DVD/Blu-Ray player and your CD/Stereo.

So, keep reading to find out in some detail just how it does. The early verdict? Works as advertised, but nagging software inconsistencies mar an otherwise excellent product.

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Corsair Flash Padlock 2 Secure Flash Drive Reviewed. Verdict: Hurray for Hardened Security

By Ian Chiu

Some time ago, Corsair debuted their numeric padlock flash drive that allowed end users to unlock the storage by entering a four to ten digit PIN code. The obvious advantage of this implementation is to bypass software altogether, easily making it cross-platform friendly. However, the original version was hacked effortlessly by a group of dutch engineers armed with a simple 10K resistor.

To regain trust among consumers and lost reputation, Corsair is now back with Flash Padlock 2, and this time, the company didn’t take any chance by equipping the drive with 256-bit AES hardware encryption. Corsair also covers the components with epoxy compound to make it tamperproof; otherwise, the PCB would be exposed and likely be prone to hacking. In the performance department, you can expect the secure flash drive to hover around 17MB/s during read and 8MB/s during write. The Flash Padlock 2 is a bit weak in terms of small file write though, and it only comes in 8GB. Read on for the full review to check out all the extra security measures Corsair implemented to make drive safer.

[ Full Review @ Everything USB ]

Hozuki LED Candle Lantern Flickers In The Wind

Hozuki LED Candle Lantern (Images courtesy ThinkGeek)
By Andrew Liszewski

Thomas Edison first improved on the candle with the light bulb, a steady source of light that couldn’t be extinguished by accidentally coughing in its general direction. And then in 1962 a man by the name of Nick Holonyak (or in the mid-1920’s by a man named Oleg Vladimirovich Losev) improved on the light bulb with the light-emitting diode that put the energy efficiency of Edison’s design to shame. But he we are in the year 2010 and we’re back to dealing with the same issues that plagued the candle. The Hozuki LED Lantern might be energy efficient, but it features a ‘candle mode’ that will cause it to flicker in the wind, and even temporarily go out if you blow on it too hard. That’s not a feature! That’s a problem man has already solved!

The lantern runs on 4xAA batteries which powers a set of 4W LED lights. On its highest, or brightest, setting you can only expect to get about 4 hours of illumination on a fresh set of batteries, but on its lowest setting that jumps to a more camping-friendly 30 hours. It also comes with a convenient hanging hook for use in a tent, but if used on your desk as accent lighting it can actually be powered by USB instead . $89.99 from ThinkGeek.

[ Hozuki LED Candle Lantern ]

Kaoiro Emoticon Stamp

Kaoiro Emoticon Stamp (Image courtesy Japan Trend Shop)
By Andrew Liszewski

Instead of numbers or letters, the seven belts on this Japanese Kaoiro stamp each feature 20 different punctuation marks and symbols, allowing you to recreate over 2,000 different emoticons. Perfect for teachers who find that the simple smiley or frowny face sticker just isn’t cutting it when it comes to expressing their satisfaction or disappointment with their students. $51 from the Japan Trend Shop.

[ Kaoiro Emoticon Stamp ]

Seculine Action Level Cross Needlessly Complicates The Traditional Bubble Level

Seculine Action Level Cross (Images courtesy Amazon and ePHOTOzine)
By Andrew Liszewski

Instead of spending just $11 on something like this cube bubble level which works with gravity that mother nature gives away for free, you can spend almost $70 (£44.95) on this LED level from a company called Seculine that will occasionally need its battery replaced. It basically does the same thing as the $11 solution, except that it uses an array of LEDs on the top and back that light up like a traffic light letting you know when your camera is level. It’s also able to automatically sense the orientation of your camera, again, like this one does, but I guess it has the single advantage of being usable in situations where there’s absolutely no ambient light. Not sure if that justifies the price though…

[ Seculine Action Level Cross ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]