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Win A Samson Go Mic!

Win A Samson Go Mic!


By Chris Scott Barr

Didn’t I say that we had more giveaways in store? Since we don’t like to disappoint, here is our next item up for grabs. This time we’ve got a Samson Go Mic, which is a great little USB condenser microphone for people on the go. You can use it for podcasts, music recording or just about any other situation you can think of. It comes with a clip that will let it sit atop your laptop or monitor and a carrying case. What more could you need?

All you need to do is drop a comment below, and one will be chosen at random. The contest will run until next Friday, so be sure to get your comment in before that time. As per usual, this is only open to US residents. Good luck!

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  • jmlee337

    That's cool
    Maybe I'll win
    That'd be cool too

  • nic0

    I Hope I WIN!!!!

  • avajay23

    yes…now I can finally record boring office meetings to lull me to sleep at night!

  • fartcat

    this is whats going to happen

  • Anonymous

    Lord, give my full strength this one last time and win me that mic!

  • Johnnymac4242

    I hope nic0 wins. And by that I mean, I hope I win.

  • supan

    Sweet. This will look great on the tiny little desk I built in front of a tiny little city skyline so I'll be able to interview tiny little celebrities.
    Or cats.
    Probably cats.

  • Jerry Lafferty

    I could use a better laptop mic. Thanks for another Giveaway so soon! Woot!

  • jackCZ

    That´s sweet 🙂 hope i win 😉

  • subcrapper

    i'd love that for recording music! i'm using the built in mic on macbook white and it doesn't really work very well.

  • bradgoheen

    Mike Test 1-2-3!

  • mkechaz

    You can randomly pick me.

  • cdsfire

    I have been looking at USB mics for way too long thinking about buying one. Now it's time to buy…err…win one!

  • taylorbri

    check check check, 1-2-3, pick me

  • methodicjon


  • mscott5861

    Last night I had a dream about a frog covered in tar. He kept jumping around, and I couldn't clean up fast enough. Now my yogurt's all gone.

  • jonnichols

    Woo! More giveaways! This would definitely come in handy. Come on random fate!

  • duelfish13

    This should jumpstart my podcast career 🙂

  • travm222

    Will this make me the next Justin Beiber?

  • tbj55

    Obligatory comment.

  • jspetrino

    and I comment to enter again!

  • Das

    this mic looks awesome and portable. a definite want here

  • bebe211

    whoo hoo a mic to record my terrible singing

  • 824gaby824

    sounds to me like a 'gotta have'

  • resiek

    Looks like an awesome little mic!

  • jbelle

    Cool product!

  • DessieLunsford

    I like it

  • dubzilla

    Awesome. you guys rock.

  • bryanvangelder

    Go go gadget mic

  • sacosan

    me lives in USA and need this for making erotic movies with new friends in USA…this country is most liked! Baseballs!

  • quashbox

    was thinking about buying a blue mic …. but ill take this one 🙂

  • Kjp442

    Looks compact enough to smuggle into concerts. I want one.

  • nickfoshe

    I think I could use that.

  • breon

    Wow. Nice lil mic. I've been looking for a mic to record our monthly mobile meetings. The mic on my camcorder isn't the greatest.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, a condenser for my laptop, now I can finally podcast everywhere, preach everywhere, karaoke everywhere! Way to go!

  • pierre12345

    Yes! I can finally make my own Eddie Money bootleg.

  • Anonymous

    this would be cool to have with my portable rig

  • eooo2

    Samson rocks, i will sing of joy with this condenser.

  • AK210

    why not

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • 888chilly

    Yay! ME TOO!

  • StratMan9000

    Someday, SOMEDAY, I will have to eventually win something. Right? Right?!

  • robroot

    More swag, sweet!

  • grahammc

    I'm currently in Audio Recording school, so this could be handy AND fun! 🙂

  • mrheist

    This would actually be really handy

  • littleshimmy

    this is my official comment hoping to win this little cutie

  • goodsammy

    I dont need it. Enjoy!

  • s.leep

    What more could I need, indeed?

  • goverland

    Very nice

  • miltrucker

    Awesome, I'd love one.

  • thatneat


  • reikofanel

    Very cool! I can think of a ton of uses for a non-bulky mic like this.

  • lfiscal

    Yay! Givaways!

  • joshuartaylor

    Oooh, This would be perfect for a Rebel with HD…mmm.

  • bryanchandler2001

    I love free things

  • bryanchandler2001

    I love free stuff

  • bryanchandler2001

    love it

  • JellyWoo

    Cool. Thanks OhGizmo.

  • Jason

    Free Gear!

  • MatthewMiddle

    Always wanted a samson mic.

  • burritobutt

    Looks very nice!

  • ryanj983

    would come in very handy

  • wongguy

    This seems like a pretty cool mic. Thanks for the opportunity to try it.

  • Elly


  • Anonymous

    you are very attractive

  • lava9611

    Very cool mic 🙂

  • TongBlack

    Awesome! You can never have too many microphones

  • dannyjaylouis

    i want one!!!!

  • hgernhardtjr

    Be great for the inlaws.

  • Austinkir


  • sr45

    Delilah held the scissors up and mumbled something. He was uncertain of her meaning. He said, “Could you speak into the microphone, please?”

  • adamshegrud

    Count me in

  • ravaza

    hope to win this one

  • originaladam

    This seems really handy for writing sessions.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to be included in this giveaway, thanks.

  • Nikkita Croix

    Hi, this is a hip giveaway. I would like to win.

  • perfectfire

    I will take this off your hands.

  • arnelcustic

    This is EXACTLY what I need!

  • John Federico

    This will be a great little mic for screencasts and Skype interviews while on-the-go. Love it.

  • MrEvil

    Would be nice to win something!

  • MrEvil

    Would be nice to win something!

  • Anonymous

    I want one!

  • xtctech

    I heard that mic is amazing!

  • Halmat Palani

    omg i love this mic for real i need it so bad! so i can start recording my tracks.!
    i really hope i win.