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Polaroid Brings Back Instant Photos, No One Really Knows Why

Polaroid Brings Back Instant Photos, No One Really Knows Why


By Chris Scott Barr

It was a little disheartening to see the old Polaroid instant film taken out of production. It marked the end of an era and showed that digital photography was really where everyone was going. However, the company has for some strange reason decided to bring it all back with the Polaroid 300. Why? Well we aren’t exactly sure.

This $90 camera isn’t the most cost-effective, as you can pick up a cheap digital for that price. Lets pretend that you’re feeling nostalgic, which makes it hard to put a price on anything. So you’ve got your new camera, time to grab some film. Now you’ll be paying $10 for a 10-pack of the stuff. That’s $1 for each crappy photo that you take. Is there really a market for this?

I’d like to take a moment and have you gaze upon the Polaroid 300. This may in fact be the ugliest camera ever released. The old cameras weren’t exactly works of art, but they had a certain charm. This giant hunk of plastic has no aesthetic appeal whatsoever. It doesn’t even look like it would be comfortable to use, due to its sheer height. Also, is that a spot for a wrist strap to the right of the flash? I dare you to carry one of these around at your next outing.

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