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OhGizmo! Revew – LUXA2 H4

OhGizmo! Revew – LUXA2 H4


By Chris Scott Barr

You’ll likely recall that last year I reviewed the LUXA2 H1-Touch stand for the iPhone. It was an interesting stand, but honestly didn’t do much for me. It seemed to be made to assist you with watching videos. I’ve still never cared to watch anything of great length on my iPhone, as the screen is just too small. Well with the introduction of the iPad, ThermalTake is back at it again. This time the LUXA2 H4 might be a bit more useful.

It’s hard to be too wordy with this review, as the H4 is identical to the H1, only larger. The only small difference I can spot is that the two crystals seen on the smaller one are absent. The other is that the arms feature a slightly different shape.

H4-3What’s interesting is that I find this stand to be far more useful than it’s tiny brother. The reason being that I actually want to use my iPad for watching things. It’s also fun to use it while playing games or reading. When positioned correctly I can even type on the keyboard in landscape mode with decent accuracy. Heck, it’s even great if you’re wanting to use the iPad as a digital photo frame once in a while.

My biggest complaint is that the H4 isn’t portable. It would be nice to have a stand like this that would fold up and slip into a laptop bag or something. As it is, this is one you’ll be leaving on your desk at all times.

At $50, this makes for a great addition to your desk. It can hold onto your iPad and make watching videos, gaming, or typing much easier. The brushed aluminum look also matches your iPad, as well as any other Macs you happen to have around. If you’re in need of an iPad holder, you really won’t go wrong with the LUXA2 H4.

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