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Clatronic Mini Washing Machine

Clatronic Mini Washing Machine

Clatronic Mini Washing Machine (Image courtesy Furniture Fashion)
By Andrew Liszewski

With a capacity of just 13 liters you’ll be hard pressed to cram a day’s worth of clothes, let alone a week’s worth, into this miniature washing machine from Clatronic. But stick it under your desk at work and after a 15 minute wash cycle you won’t have to worry about the lunch stains on your shirt interfering with your big afternoon meeting. It does require a water and drainage hookup, as well as power, which makes me wonder how useful it really is for camping like their site suggests, outside of traveling in a well-equipped motor home. But at least it comes with a similarly miniaturized price tag of about $60. (€45)

[ Clatronic MWA 3101 Mini Washing Machine ] VIA [ Furniture Fashion ]