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Seculine Action Level Cross Needlessly Complicates The Traditional Bubble Level

Seculine Action Level Cross (Images courtesy Amazon and ePHOTOzine)
By Andrew Liszewski

Instead of spending just $11 on something like this cube bubble level which works with gravity that mother nature gives away for free, you can spend almost $70 (£44.95) on this LED level from a company called Seculine that will occasionally need its battery replaced. It basically does the same thing as the $11 solution, except that it uses an array of LEDs on the top and back that light up like a traffic light letting you know when your camera is level. It’s also able to automatically sense the orientation of your camera, again, like this one does, but I guess it has the single advantage of being usable in situations where there’s absolutely no ambient light. Not sure if that justifies the price though…

[ Seculine Action Level Cross ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]