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MobiCam Digital Wireless Monitoring System

MobiCam Digital Wireless Monitoring System

MobiCam Digital Wireless Monitoring System (Image courtesy Mobi Technologies)
By Andrew Liszewski

The MobiCam Digital appears to be an upgrade to Mobi Technologies’ MobiCam AV which, quite frankly, looks right at home somewhere in the mid 90’s. So besides a much needed facelift and a move away from an analog video signal, the MobiCam Digital allows you to remotely monitor up to 3 different cameras from a distance of up to 450 feet. The cordless monitor features a 2.4 inch LCD pivoting display and its rechargeable lithium-ion battery is good for a solid 8 hours.

The cameras feature a wide angle lens for capturing as much as the space they’re monitoring as possible, and a set of IR LEDs circling the lens provides visibility in complete darkness up to 30 feet away. The receiver/monitor also includes an AV hookup for connecting it to a TV, and an optional MobiCam Internet Kit will broadcast the live feeds online, allowing them to be monitored anywhere in the world you have a net connection. The MobiCan Digital ‘starter kit’ includes the monitor and a single camera for $189.99, while additional cameras are $99.95 a piece. And if you opt for the internet kit you can add an additional $59.95 to your bill.

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