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Transforming Champ Sofa Provides A Place To Channel Your Frustration While Watching LOST

Champ Sofa (Images courtesy Campeggi)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s obvious to me that German designer Tobias Fraenzel is a big fan of LOST, or any TV drama that relies on endless over-dramatic cliffhangers to keep frustrated viewers coming back week after week looking for answers they’ll never get. Why else would he have created this Champ Sofa which transforms into a punching bag to help TV addicts vent their frustrations. The sofa was created for Italian furniture manufacturer Campeggi and was unveiled during Milan Design Week 2010, though I don’t know how much it costs or even if it will ever be available for sale.

[ designboom – tobias fraenzel: champ for campeggi ] VIA [ The Design Blog ]

  • alexcue

    Too bad it was shown at Milan…means it would most likely be out of reach for most college students, which is where it'd probably be most useful. Also, whoever shot that should've moved that small black pillow somewhere where it wouldn't overlap the model's leg. I had a really hard time parsing that…looked like the pillow was her lower leg to my uncaffeinated eyes!

  • indiatechnews

    Cool … Nice to watch Rocky and go about Boxing!

  • Noble

    whats the deal with her right leg (second picture)

  • Noble

    whats the deal with her right leg (second picture)

  • Rob

    Her right leg looks horribly warped in the second image, but on second look I guess that's a cushion or something.

  • Modern Sofas

    That is one of a kind sofa. It can be used as a punching bag. If you are getting easily frustrated then this sofa is perfect for you.