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TruLink Wireless HDMI Kit

TruLink Wireless HDMI Kit

TruLink 1-Port 60 GHz WirelessHD Kit (Images courtesy Cables To Go)
By Andrew Liszewski

Cables suck, particularly when you’ve got your HDTV mounted to the wall with an ugly trunk line sticking out the back that’s difficult to camouflage. But Cable To Go’s TruLink 60GHz WirelessHD kit promises to at least get rid of the HDMI cable between your TV and components like your PVR, Blu-ray player or hi-def gaming console. Installing the hardware looks to be as plug-and-play easy as anything, and with a range of up to 33 feet, it should be more than adequate for most setups.

However, there are some downsides that I can see. First of all the transmitter/receiver seem to be dependent on a line of sight signal, so you won’t be able to hide this, um, aesthetically challenged hardware in a cabinet or behind your TV. And it only accepts a single HDMI connection, so unless you have all of your hi-def gear piped through a switcher of some sort, you’ll be swapping cables. Finally, while it does eliminate the HDMI cable running to your TV, it also adds another power cable to deal with on both ends, which can be even more annoying. That and the fact the kit is a whopping $499.99 available starting in June.

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